Advanced map generation

I refined the map generation process and isolated some parameters to be chosen freely when making a new game. The first one is naturally the number of civilizations in the game, called “player count” in the video. The next one is the number of star systems in the game. It can be chosen freely but in the end I will probably make it a discrete scale with tiny, small, medium, etc options pointing to some number of stars. Then there is a parameter called “edges leaving a star”, which means how many edges on average there should be connecting to one star. A number of 2 there means that the whole map could in theory be just one line or a chain of stars. The parameter “location balance” means how balanced the starting locations are. A value of zero there means that they are totally random, and one civilization could start in a dead end star system with another civilization blocking it. A value of 1 means that each civilization has almost the same amount of free star systems around them. Finally there is a looseness parameter, which means how big the diameter of the map can be.

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