Of course there has to be carriers, so I added them now. The ships form queues to dock to the hangars and precisely float in. Once they are in, any number can be undocked. Undocked ships then follow the carrier in formation, so that they are not left behind.

3 thoughts on “Carriers

  1. Cool looking game you have here. Is this some kind of 4X game? how long have you been/are you looking to develop it for?


    1. Thank you! Yes, it will be a 4X game. You can find a bit more information on the About page. I have worked with it since the beginning of this year. So there are still lots of things to be done and many gameplay decisions to be made. The plan is to try to hit early access with alpha version during the next year.


      1. Awesome, I’ll check out the about page. Keen to see how this game comes along, I’d like to check it out once it’s playable.

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