Message log

As the combat side is ready enough to play out simple battles against the AI, I moved on to the strategy scene. One big thing to do here is the strategy AI. It can already expand quite nicely but it assumes there is no one else in the game. While I was planning how toContinue reading “Message log”

Cluster tracking

More nice looking technical stuff. Here you can see the movement of different clusters and how they are assigned together every step. This is how the AI will keep track of how the enemy moves and if the clusters split up or merge. Currently this does not depend on how the player has set theContinue reading “Cluster tracking”

Combat AI and positional awareness

The AI controlling the ships in combat has to know how its enemy’s ships are situated. This affects how it should do its attack a lot. In this short video I show how the AI sees its enemies’ (and its own) ships in combat in my game.

Group aggressive attack

Until now I have had attack commands only for individual ships. But as I now have ships doing everything in groups I had to add logic for group attacking also. Here I demonstrate aggressive attack which means that the ships try to get close and match the velocity of the target group and then justContinue reading “Group aggressive attack”


Now that I have groups, I could finally add the whole formation system for them. The ships fly and stay in their formations and they reorganize in the formation as needed. This happens when formation is changed, a move command is given or ships leave or join the group. There are found kinds of formationsContinue reading “Formations”


Of course there has to be carriers, so I added them now. The ships form queues to dock to the hangars and precisely float in. Once they are in, any number can be undocked. Undocked ships then follow the carrier in formation, so that they are not left behind.


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