Map generation

It is quite messy and complicated if ships can move from every star system to any other star system freely. Even if there is some kind of maximum jump range, I feel there are too many possible ways to move around and to attack to make playing it fun. This is why I want to have some kind of paths between star systems to which the movement is restricted to. With higher technology it would still be possible to travel even without these paths, but that would have some drawbacks too. I’m not sure what is the backstory or scientific reason for these paths, but I have some ideas.

    In the video I test the map generation system. It creates the stars and the paths between them. First I used an algorithm to make Delaunay triangulation to create the paths between the stars and then removed some of the paths. But then decided to make a custom algorithm which can be tuned in different ways and also works in 3d. It would be fun if there was some kind of 3d element in the strategic view also, we are in space after all. I might leave it up to the player to choose between flat, spherical, cylindrical etc maps, but have to see how they play out.

2 thoughts on “Map generation

  1. I love the physics and ship design of your game. I am considering a space flight game myself (not a 4X) and was looking for this type of flight control. My game is currently little more than a concept based on a storyline and the desire for using a semi-automated flight control.

    I was also considering various jump maps and limitations. The one I am currently leaning toward is where some ships use jump-drives but these require fuel (crystals or something else that can be harvested) that is limited and must be collected or bought for additional jumps. The amount required for a jump is dependent on the length of the jump and the mass of the ship.

    Large ships are too costly to even reach nearby systems. Fighters and other single person craft, on the other hand, are to small to house a jump-drive and the required fuel. As a result these drives are limited to a group of mid-sized craft. These ships will make a series of jumps and construct gates through which other ships can enter the system (There would be a sister gate at the point of origin).

    In my game this is key to the storyline. As the play progresses, new areas become available for tactics and resources. The gates must be guarded from attack and linked gates will create supply chains between resources and the distant reaches of the game’s universe.

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing your game’s continued development.
    Yugo Furst


    1. Thanks for the comment!

      I have been thinking same kind of things. I think that in my game the maximum travel distances between stars will be quite similar for all ship sizes, so that it is easier to move ships together in a fleet. But there will be a “maintenance distance” around planets and bigger ships which the smallest ships can’t cross. It is abstraction of the fact that smaller ships can’t sustain themselves but rely on a supply chain. Destroyer class will probably be the first class which can operate independently at long distances. These maintenance routes can also be cut off by enemy ships.

      I’ll be checking your blog out!


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