Took some time to divide weapon and turret models into size classes, but here you can see some of the results. There are turrets of four different sizes. Bigger turrets are needed for bigger weapons, but smaller turrets are much faster to move and will track small targets better.

Beam weapons

In terms of coding the weapon logics, there will be three types of weapons: beam, projectile and missiles. Gamewise these will still be further classified into kinetic and energy weapons. All beam weapons will be energy weapons but a projectile weapon could be either one. Anyway, here you can see some beam weapons testing.

Health bar, drag selection and selection markers

Making a good UI is necessary for a full 3D tactical combat. In an RTS game or, for example, a Total War game, you usually command your units to some strategic locations depending on what you want to achieve. However, since space is quite empty, there are no fixed reference points like most RTS gamesContinue reading “Health bar, drag selection and selection markers”