Some music and nicer camera

I refined the combat camera to be smoother and also added a feature to follow units with the camera. It helps a lot that you don’t have to manually follow the flying ships while trying to do something. However, in follow mode the camera is not locked to the unit(s) followed: instead the reference point for the camera moves with the unit(s) and the camera can still be moved around normally. Camera can also be snapped to move to selected units by pressing a button or by double pressing the unit group.
    Also, I’m glad to say that Jarkko Rotstén was interested enough to join the project to provide music. Currently we are trying to find the right style for the music and I feel we are on the right track.

I made a video for the music and to show the new camera features. The video starts from fleet creation before the combat and also has some explanations on what’s going on. The music starts at 1:30.

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